What is Resume Sourcing?

Resume Sourcing is the process of searching resumes of candidates to fulfil the Job Vacancy.

Sourcing means shortlisting or building some lists of candidates who would be interested to apply for a job position. Resume Sourcing is the method of finding resumes within the recruitment process, as Resume Sourcing is a part of Recruitment.

Resume Sourcing is the very first step in recruitment process. Many Companies Hire Resume Sourcing Companies to provide them with some good resumes.

Techniques of Resume Sourcing

  1. Searching Candidates through “BOOLEAN Search’
  2. Sourcing Through Job Boards-Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed…etc
  3. Sourcing through Social Platforms Like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook..etc
  4. Sourcing through Companies database
  5. Sourcing through employees referrals
  • Searching Candidates through “BOOLEAN Search’- Sourcing Candidates through BOOLEAN Search has been one of the Professional way to find resumes for particular job role. Boolean sourcing allows recruiters to search for candidate information from all over the web with the help of a Unique seach commands. BOOLEAN SEARCH Commands Include AND, OR ,and NOT. Learn More about BOOLEAN SEARCH in Recruitment in this blog
  • Sourcing Through Job Boards- There are various Job Boards for ex; Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, Glassdoor, AngelList..etc.  where you can find quality candidates. This Job Boards act like a Portal where job seekers make their own profile and submit their resumes. This Job boards are used by a vast number of job seekers so, using job boards for sourcing is one of the best way for sourcing quality candidates.
  • Sourcing through Social Platforms- There are many platforms through which you can source candidates such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook…etc. Nowadays, Social Platforms are becoming a good way for sourcing. Most of the Resume Sourcing Experts post the jobs on various social media platforms with relevant hashtags which becomes easy to find new candidates who would be interested to apply for the job
  • Sourcing through Companies database- Sourcing through Companies database is also a great way to do sourcing. Recruiters search for candidates in their database who had earlier applied, and reach out to them for a particular job opening.
  • Sourcing through employees referrals- Sourcing through employees referrals has been one of the traditional way of sourcing. Recruiters inform the staff about the particular job opening to know if they have any referrals to fill job vacancy.

How can we help you

We know the importance of time and how quickly positions need to be closed so we always try to source and sent the profiles within the time limit

At Davzon we have resume sourcing experts who know the importance of resume sourcing and go through the job description thoroughly and understand client’s requirements of a qualified candidate, which helps us to source and deliver THE BEST in the market.

Then with the help of Job Boards (Monster, Career Builder, Dice, Jobserve, Indeed, Jobsite, Reed, Total Jobs, CW Jobs, City Jobs, Ziprecruiter etc.), ATS, and database, qualified candidates with required experience level, skills set are sourced and sent to the client for review.

For niche skills and requirements, we use Linkedin Recruiter, Linkedin RPS and other social media channels like Facebook, blogs, Instagram, Twitter, Github etc.

This new techniques of source helps in finding both Active and Passive candidates and build a strong qualified candidates pipeline for the job.

We provide the best resume sourcing service in the market delivering quality candidates in less time.

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