What Does RPO Services Include?

  • CV/ Resume Sourcing: Resume Sourcing is the method of finding relevant candidates within the recruitment process. We find qualified and skilled candidates for client’s open jobs with very unique and niche work experience. Resume Sourcing refers to finding candidates through various platforms. Our RPO services claim to be of the highest quality, and we take pride in providing the best-suited applicants from our talent pool to on-board corporate clients.
  • CV/ Resume Formatting: Resume formatting is an art that has to be perfected with time, patience, and practice. It is the most essential tool in job searching since it provides the opening line to the hiring manager and thus creates the first impression about you in HR’s mind. Resume formatting has been a big deal in the industry as it helps the candidate to shine out of the crowd as well as the businesses can make their own unique identity in the recruitment market by maintaining their own company template for candidate submission to their end client.
  • Sourcing & Screening: Candidate sourcing and candidate screening via telephonic and email is the best time-saving process in recruitment. Candidate screening helps you to narrow down the candidate pool and learn more about the candidates before face to face interview is being conducted. Our recruiters source the resumes, screen them, analyse candidate profile and skills and then submit the profile to client for closure.
  • LinkedIn Outreach & Networking: LinkedIn being the best and largest network with huge professional’s pool. Our LinkedIn Outreach and networking service will help you in increasing your network, signing up new deals and generating new leads. LinkedIn Networking Service not only helps in business but as an individual you can increase your network and fine new jobs.
  • Lead/ Name Sourcing: Our Lead sourcing process helps organisations in gathering leads, so basically, a list of leads is built without any marketing activities. Name sourcing is based on discovering the source of targeted leads and extracting them into CRM or spreadsheets. The quantity and quality of lead information are sometimes limited by the source, but finding a good source is not that hard, so it’s not a problem to source leads with names, designation, phone numbers, e-mails, addresses, and more. If you’re a marketer, the value of lead sourcing is well known. The extreme research and energy that a marketer goes through to release any campaign are praiseworthy.
  • Web/ Data Sourcing: We offer the highest quality data mining services through web scraping, web research, and web data extraction. Through a team of expert specialists, we support our customers in making smart revenue-driven decisions using our top-notch data mining techniques and tools. Our clients come from diversified industries, and we continuously try to meet our clients’ expectations and deliver remarkable results. We are bound to positively influence our clients’ decisions to help them in making the right predictions of their businesses.
  • CV/ Resume Rewriting: CV/ Resume, if presented properly, makes a good impression on HR. The CV should be arranged appropriately with the standard template, bullets, sentence arrangement, and dates should be in sequence. When listing personality traits, or job responsibilities, or overall achievements, headings bullet points look perfect. However, if the bullet points do not don’t have a support that explains what they are, it won’t be straightforward for the CV to really hold the prospective employer’s interest.
  • Infographic CV Designing: New modern Infographics Template Resumes are a mixture of text and graphics; basically, our brain is more attracted to graphics and colors, so graphic Resume quickly gets the attention of recruiters. A graphic cv gets more positive attention in the market as compared to other simple CVs. A good infographic cv template shows how your CV should look like, how should be your CV presentation, abilities, skills, career summary, and other details in a unique way. Our Resume writing professional uses a timeline to demonstrate the candidate’s academic and professional experience indicates the level of knowledge in each skill and displays other information graphically.
  • Job Posting: In this modern world fulfilling your open job positions and get qualified candidates is very easy. With the help of job posting on various job boards and social media sites you can get your qualified candidate at just one click. Today, job ads usually are published online. Companies use recruiting software, like an ATS, Talent Acquisition Platform (JobBoards), to create and circulate job postings. The utilization of recruiting software secures centralized job distribution across online properties, like the company’s career site, social media platforms, and external job boards.

    – Internal Job Postings: Posting is for existing employees by giving existing employees the first crack at the new position, also known as in-house recruitment.

    – External Job Postings: External job postings are circulated among the job-seeking public from the get-go like on various job portals or LinkedIn etc. specifying skills, industry, locations.

  • ATS Maintenance: We being into the recruitment and staffing industry knows how crucial it is for an organization to maintain talent pool pipeline and keep all recruitment and hiring material available at one go. Our ATS maintenance team helps our clients to maintain their ATS and keep all the job posts arranged, candidates sourced, and candidates who have applied in the proper tracker and manage application tracking. We also post urgent available jobs on various portals and job boards integrated to ATS. Arranging all this helps the recruiter to search for the candidate on just one click and makes hiring faster, providing reports and analysis

– 100 Ready Job role test for all popular IT Job roles
– Assessments created by Industry Experts
– Advanced analytics and proctoring mechanisms
– Advanced analytics and proctoring mechanisms
– Coding Challenges to evaluate hands-on candidate programming skills
– Industry benchmarked Reports



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