Vacancy Monitoring

Develop your Business: know the corporate clients who are looking for the professionals that you can supply. Davzon Researcher will monitor the vacancies of a niche market in which you specialize. According to your Recruitment specialization area we will monitor the particular Corporate career sections of vacancies to source new vacancies as they are posted and will also search for those vacancies that are posted on the Job Boards by direct corporate and will provide you with the contact details of these companies and thus you can sell your Recruitment services to them.


Davzon services portfolio offers integrated RPO services stack with solution offering your need to effectively and efficiently meet your corporate and hiring goals. Learn more about how David Solutions offers the most comprehensive sourcing professional services and technologies, how it can integrate with your business processes, provide the best operation efficiencies at lowest cost and more.

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 Job Monitoring provides the ability to monitor jobs to ensure that they are running correctly. The Job Monitor: Last transaction date/time: the last date and time when the job processed a transaction. The system collects the monitoring information in the Job Monitor Status table.

Condition monitoring is an efficient, non-intrusive process with the potential to save thousands of pounds in secondary damage, lost production, and unnecessary maintenance. Making it part of your routine maintenance is critical as it allows you to get to know the equipment better and allows for long-term productivity.

A condition monitoring program plays a significant role in most industrial companies that have plant machinery. These programs enable companies of all sizes to manage costs and extend the lifetime of plant machinery through ongoing maintenance and monitoring the performance of machinery regularly.