Single Vendor Marketplace

Single Vendor Marketplace is used to represent a single vendor website selling their products to various customers. This website contains only two parties involved buyer and the seller. These Single vendor websites are also known as Stand Alone Website.

Here the vendor/seller sell their products to several customers. Single vendor marketplace doesn’t offer a wide range of products to its customers, the products are selective. Because of this, there is very less amount of traffic on these websites when compared to Multi-vendor Marketplace.

 Features of Single Vendor App

  • Fully customizable online store
  • Add new sales channels in seconds
  • Manage unlimited products
  • Fulfill orders in a single step
  • Track sales and growth

Key Functions of Single Vendor Ecommerce Website

  • Frontend website with Product Listing
  • User Registration and Login
  • Product Zoom-In Effect
  • Add Billing Address
  • Select Delivery method (COD or online payment)
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Add to Cart
  • Orders Management
  • Online Payment Gateway Integration
  • Homepage Slider Banners
  • Discount and Promotion Management
  • Payment Management