Instagram Advertisement

Instagram possesses over 500 Million monthly active users. The more places and channels consumers interact with your product or brand, the more likely they are to buy your products. Instagram has a higher brand engagement rate than on any other social media platform. Instagram allows you to advertise in a way that creates direct responses. 

Running Instagram advertising campaigns are one of the best ways to get traffic to your website and get people to watch your ad photos, videos, install your apps, and gain extensive exposure and conversion rate. 

Instagram Marketing Agency

Davzon can help run the following Instagram Ads for your site/product:

Image Ads
Images that tell a story and inspire people to learn more about your brand and take action. Image advertising is the best way to market your product.

Video Ads
With great sound, sight, and motion graphics video ads of up to 30 seconds, you can efficiently convey your message to the audience.

Carousel Ads
Carousel ads produce a certain depth to image ads where people can swipe to see more images. You can even add a call to action button to this ad.

Instagram advertising is an excellent way to advertise and reach people. If you want to direct traffic to your site, you need to take advantage of Instagram advertising.