Headhunting & Passive
Sourcing Services

A passive candidate is a candidate who is not actively looking for a job but has the exact skills and experience to qualify for your open jobs. Even if this passive candidate is not ready to move, you should have the head-hunter skills to make them aware of the new job, benefits, new experience, and convert to hire them.

Our team firmly believes in and follows the partnership approach with each client. This develops a thorough understanding of our client’s culture, vision, and requirements, whether engaged for Human Capital Consultancy, Executive Search, or Interim Management.


Depending on the importance or urgency of the position to be filled, we present a list of skilled and confirmed executives to our client within a MAXIMUM period of 14 working days from the assignment’s date of initiation. Similarly, we agree on deadlines with our Client at the outset of each assignment, depending on our Client’s requirements.


How Davzon Helps you

Davzon Ltd does not maintain a database, and all the candidates are headhunted for each client, totally in line with the skills, requirements of our client. We conduct a fresh new search for each assignment matching client’s niche requirements.

Our headhunting team of experts finds local candidates to your target market, ensuring a positive outcome quickly and ROI to your organization. Engaging Davzon in an assigned professional search can bring people who are not normally accessible, especially if they are currently employed with the competitors. We can open up a whole new world to our client’s niche requirements in many different ways.

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Candidate sourcing is the proactive search for potential hires to fill current and future job openings. To source candidates, recruiters:

Sourcing refers to the process of searching for, identifying and contacting potential candidates. Recruiting kicks in after sourcing, and includes the HR processes of screening, evaluating applicants.

Sourcing is an integral part of a company’s recruiting strategy.      Recruiters who source candidates:

Reduce time-to-fill, as they have already conducted an initial screening of candidates’ skills.

Social sourcing is the practice of using social networks (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) to identify, attract and contact potential candidates.

Sourcing Specialists, also known as Sources, are HR professionals who identify and engage potential candidates for current and future hiring needs.