Data Sourcing/Company Mapping Service Provider

Data sourcing services is one of the demanding services in service delivery domain. This service implies providing data from authentic sources. These sources are in the form of company’s database, authentic network database, reliable web sources, physical people network, person to person contact etc.

Basically, the idea of this service is to provide the data in any form. It may in the form of company details, competitor details: what is their team size, what are the primary businesses that they focus, what type of client they map, etc. there are many more questions that need answer with comprehensive intelligence report about your competitors. We utilize a multiple sourcing steps to provide comprehensive details of required authentic data which will play a major role in enhancement of thriving a business. All the specified data will go through a system sourcing, source verification, arranged in company format, cross check all the details, make it presentable, to produce before the client etc.

Davzon’s services portfolio offers integrated RPO services stack with solution offering your need to effectively and efficiently meet your corporate and hiring goals. Learn more about how Davzon offers the most comprehensive sourcing professional services and technologies, how it can integrate with your business processes, provide the best operation efficiencies at lowest cost and more..

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