Our Graphic Design Services Includes-

Banner designing services

Logo Designing & Branding: We create logo designs as per your requirement and ideas. Our objective is to give you an excellent quality logo design for the most reasonable price. Our proficient logo inventors and designers will suspiciously design your logo to make your company’s identity and branding on the Internet.

Flyer Design: An eye-catching flyer for products and services advertisement ensures that your prospective clients can increase. We make sure your organization image hits the competitor with the best designing services.

Banner Design: Banners have been in use as long as the Internet itself. Even with the adaptation of various marketing techniques and development, a professional web banner design is always outstanding. We help you with graphic designing services like banner design for website as well as Social Media Banners posting.

Brochure Design: A brochure reflects the brand image of a business, and therefore, it needs to be different in design and concept. Brochure Designing is undoubtedly the most effective offline marketing tool. Its advantageous feature has added its popularity in the market. We at Davzon offer a wide range of brochure designing services for meeting the requirements of different types of customers. We offer Brochure Designing, email template designs, pamphlets, or leaflet design, designs for hoardings, Resume design templates, etc.

Poster & Hoarding: Enlarge your importance even more with a high-quality Posters design. These created hoardings and posters can be used on the streets or at the exhibition. 

Our Graphic Design experts make you outstand and increase your sales by creating the best designs with quality content in it, helping you in your branding.

Why Davzon for Business Banner Designing

When clients project their requirements to us, we make sure that they get advantages of all facilities that we are providing. We assign a creative and experienced, and hard-working team that can deliver the outputs just like the way they wanted. It will help them to stand out in the competition and quickly win over their customers. We are one of the best in class companies of India, offering top-notch services for designing flex banners, website banners, digital banners, email banners, marketing banners, outdoor banners, animated banner ads, etc., at industry-leading rates.

  • FAQs - Banner & Post Designing

We specialize in designing banner ads in standard sizes for display advertising – web banners, Facebook ads, banners for AdWords display, etc.

We specialize in images for advertising but if you need other images such as website headers or social networks profile covers, we will gladly design them as well. Please choose the appropriate size and mention in the details form what you need the image for so we can design something that fits your purpose.

  • Size – the most common sizes for banner ads are: 300×250, 728×90, 160×600, 120×600, 468×60. For Facebook ads you should choose 600×315 or 1200×628.
  • Text for the banner – what do you want it to say? What would clients think are the most important things about your business?
  • Text for button – this is the call to action (CTA), if you want to use one. We recommend using a button on your banner that indicates the action a person would take next after clicking your banners (learn more, buy, etc)
  • Provide the name of your business and website and include any other specifications you have.
  • Please attach a good quality image of your logo (a banner should have the logo or the name of the business advertising). Attach any materials & images you want us to use.

Our turnaround time is between 24 hours and 3 business days from the moment we receive the details for the order. It depends a lot on how soon the client approves the design or requests changes to the sketches we send, if he wants any.

Yes, we follow AdWords and Facebook guidelines. If you’re using another platform that has particular guidelines or restrictions, please inform us and we will design something that fits your needs.

We offer about 3 free design revisions per banner. Our designer presents a sketch and the client has the chance to approve or request changes to the design. We work closely with our clients to make sure they are satisfied with the final version. After the client approves a design and we send over the file, we don’t accept more change requests.